Early Childhood Learning Centers are school readiness, theme based learning centers for children ranging in age from six-weeks to five-years in age. Our teachers and staff provide a full-day program from 5:30am until 6:00pm at our Airside location and 6:30am until 6:00pm at our Broadway Avenue and Skinner Street locations that is designed to encourage and enrich social skills, language development, fine motor skills, self esteem, respectfulness, responsibility, resourcefulness, and creativity.

The toddler program at Early Childhood Learning Center not only strives to help develop a physically and emotionally balanced child with the skills to succeed once he or she reaches school-age, but we also focus heavily on providing a comprehensive early reading experience as well.

Reading is very important and provides toddlers with rich and rewarding experiences! Providing “early literacy” experiences with toddlers helps to build a solid foundation for literacy and is directly linked to your child’s later successes when learning to read at his or her own pace. Reading to toddlers nurtures a love for books and reading and provides an outlet for you and your child to spend quality time together bonding and forging a deep, loving relationship.

Sharing books and story time with your child provides opportunities for him or her to participate verbally by repeating words and phrases. Picture books also expose your child to some of his or her first experiences with different types of art and the expression of story with art. Parents who love books and love to read are excellent role models for toddlers and can help their child learn about book-handling and page-turning which further helps to develop fine motor skills.

Reading is important and we encourage you to spend quality time reading with your child.
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